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Tactical, Operational, and Strategic Leadership

Business-tested and battle-proven principles and practices that actually work!

In these 1- 4 hour workshops, we take the best principles and practices learned from the military and business, and teach them to you and your leaders at your place on your schedule.  Contact us for information on how to get up to 35% off!

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All too often, we see supervisors who have been thrust into positions of leadership by virtue of tenure and being proficient at their "job".  The problem is they've never had any sort of formal leadership training and development to help them be better leaders of both people and processes to grow your business.  

We focus on principles that stand the test of time and teach step-by-step practices that you can implement today at the individual and organizational levels.

Results and Outcomes

Participants will learn how to:

  • Regularly assess personal leadership traits, principles and practices.

  • Work in collaborative, empathetic, results-driven ways.

  • Prioritize tasks and manage time effectively.

  • Delegate instead of abdicate.

  • Develop individual and organizational communication skills and processes.

  • Decentralize authority to the lowest organizational levels.

  • Develop Courses of Action (COA) to overcome individual, team, and organizational challenges.

  • Develop a toolbox for how to lead, train, supervise, and inspire their team and peers.

  • Actually have fun in a work environment.  (We know, it sounds crazy.)


We strongly recommend that participants enroll and familiarize themselves with "The Ultimate Employee", our online individual development program, OR our online Leadership Training but nothing is required except a desire to train.

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Who Should Enroll

These workshops are appropriate for people and teams who want to:

  • Develop the leadership of their organization.

  • Gain practical tools to develop their people and company culture.

  • Learn how to refine their processes and managerial styles.

  • Increase the profitability of their company through people development and process refinement.

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