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"If they didn't work, I'd be dead!" - The Gunny

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In a world full of quick fixes, we solve the real problem.

Over 73% of organizational change efforts fail.  New process?  New machine?  New structure?  You've seen it yourself.  And in business, change is the only constant. 
The challenge is belief, not behavior.  People and organizations change only when they believe they have to, and are able to, not because they're told to.
When people believe in something, they have to take action on it.  Being able to inspire belief is where true leadership shines!

The Case for Change...

Underdeveloped leadership and lack of employee engagement cost your company in ways you may not even realize.

In today's business, disengagement is normal!

(And it costs you a boatload of money.)


It costs $4,300 to replace a $10/hr employee.  How much are you spending each year?*



Only 13% of employees are engaged.  How much are you missing out on?* 



Nearly half of all managers say they don't know how to grow their company or motivate their employees.*

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We Connect "Why's"

Companies focused on purpose outperform their peers by 6X.  Purpose drives business results.  

The top method for leaders to build trust is to show concern for the well-being of their people. Integrity and competence are second and third.  


Highly engaged employees are 480% more committed to helping their company succeed. 

Gen Y (Millennials) is the least engaged, least satisfied, and least fulfilled of the four working generations.

Overlap what the company needs, what the employee is good at, and what the employee wants.  That's the sweet spot.

What some of our clients are saying...



Quality Craft Woodworks

 "After more than 30 years in business, learning to lead employees and a company too often by learning what not to do by doing it, Perspective Approach has given us the knowledge, training, and resources to create an ongoing culture of personal growth and development, instilling vision and leadership for future growth as company ownership transitions to the next generation."


Clinic Manager

Wasatch Physical Therapy

"Fantastic results...inspiring presentations.  The Perspective Approach is so simple to use, and the industry doesn't matter.  They provide step-by-step instruction in how to grow business through people and practices.  It felt like I had an advocate who was truly invested in the success of our organization throughout the entire process.  If your company has ever felt "stuck" or has persisting challenges, work with these guys!"



I work at Bear River High School and am tasked with helping "at-risk" students graduate.  Joshua spoke and changed their lives!  Some of the comments from HIGH SCHOOL KIDS afterwards were:

"Winners are defined by character and discipline"; You have to be scared in order to be brave"; and "We can't blame our success or failure on anybody but ourselves."  Their teachers have seen the lasting impact on their attitudes and education habits.

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